Rep your SQUAD! Ruling Elite Pack

28 05 2008

This friday, 5/30, we are releasing an exclusive Ruling Elite Pack. The pack will consist of four tees to commemorate the LAKERS playoff run. As you can see, the pack consists of three shirts that are core logos in the LAKERS purple and gold and one bonus shirt. Remember, these are 8021 exclusive tees. Also for the first time we have included 4X and 5X sizing. Contact the store for pricing and any shipping details.


Shop Visit

21 05 2008

“Connect, Politic, Ditto! Big up to Raekwon for stopping by the shop last friday (May 2nd) to chop it up for a hot minute… Extra thanks to Chace Infinite for bringing him through to talk about whatever, whatever, whateva! “ The General

The General, Chace Infinite, The Chef, E

The General, J Blaze, The Chef, E

Summer Tees

13 05 2008

If you havn’t been in the know, the Summer Tees have been dropping at our accounts worldwide. For all you local shoppers we are happy to announce that our first installment of summer tees are now available at our 8021 Flagship Store. We also offer shipping to those that are interested. Images of what’s available will be posted later today. Check back later for the tab above labeled, “Summer Collection.”

40%-50% OFF

6 05 2008

If your lucky enough to be in the area, swing by the store and get first dibbs on selected items marked for clearance. The summer collection is soon to be arriving and we need to make room. Starting this week the remainder of the Spring Collection will be 40-50 percent off. Call the shop for more details and sizing availability. A flier will be released, so get your goods before its too late.

Click the tab above to view the Spring 2008 Collection.